Ratings System

10.0: Prime

This exceedingly rare score refers to places, products or services that are/is as the perfect Place, Products or Services, perfect access, perfect everything.

9.0-9.5: Superb

We absolutely recommend any place, products or services in this range, especially to people that require special access or a unique accessible design. Places that earn 9s are naturally uncommon, and earn Disabled Resource Editors' Choice Award for their outstanding accessibility/usability.

8.0-8.5: Great

This range refers to great places, products or services that are excellent in almost every way and whose few setbacks probably are not too important. We highly recommend places, products or services in the upper half of this range, since they tend to be good enough to provide an enjoyable experience to our disabled community alike.

7.0-7.5: Good

A place, product or service within this range is good overall, and likely worth experiencing by our disabled community. While its strengths outweigh its weaknesses, a place, product or service that falls in this range tends to have noticeable faults.

6.0-6.5: Fair

Places, products or services that earn 6-range ratings have certain good qualities but significant problems as well. These Places, products or services may well be worth checking out, but you should approach with caution.

5.0-5.5: Mediocre

A 5-range score refers to places, products or services that's "merely average" in the negative sense. These places, products or services tend to have enough major weaknesses to considerably outweigh their strengths. There is probably a substantially better, similar place, product or service out there for you.

4.0-4.5: Poor

Places, products or services that just do not work right and maybe they simply were not intended for our disabled community, tends to fall in to this category. They simply lack the cohesion and quality that make it enjoyable.

3.0-3.5: Bad

You probably should not get too close to places, products or services in this range. Any of its positive qualities most likely serve only to make the rest of it seem even more disappointing.

2.0-2.5: Run

Dont bother with this one!

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